About Restrap

Who we are

Restrap is a family-run company with one simple aim: to produce the best bike packing gear for every kind of bicycle. We’re a close-knit team of keen cyclists with an eye for adventure and are about to enter our tenth year of business.

What we do

Bags, bags, bags. We live and dream them. Since 2010, we’ve been developing a product range that’s functional, affordable and 100% made in-house by our own team. Whether you’re planning a multi-day camping trip in the wilderness or are nipping out for a coffee with your laptop, we have a bag for it. 

We’re always developing new gear. And we do love a good session on the sewing machine. As a result, we also produce a collection of hand-made Restrap accessories, including a wallet, pedal straps, and camera gear.

What matters

We care about where we ride. And where you ride too. So for that reason we do our best to minimise our carbon footprint. All our materials are sourced in the UK, and sewn by hand in our Yorkshire workshop.  

Why we’re different

Making everything in-house means one thing – control. We’re able to guarantee quality in all our products, make changes, tweak designs and produce custom and limited runs. Everything that comes out of our workshop started life there. 

Restrap boils down to one simple philosophy: “design, build, ride”. We know you want to get out on your bike - and it’s our mission to help you do that.